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Anulka Dziubinska
Fiona Horne
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Donna Ricci
Yvonne Romain
Madeline Smith
Fiona Horne
Fiona Horne is an Australian witch with attitude. Young beautiful and extremely cool. She has been practising Wicca for 13 years. Interview by Arlene Russo.
How were you initiated into the Craft?
I was brought up Catholic but found that it didn't answer the questions I was asking about myself and my life so I looked for alternatives. At age 13 I tried Satanism - that being the most obvious thing to a rebellious Christian - do the opposite! But I found Satanism boring and a too obvious knee-jerk reaction to Christianity.
Later in my teens I was drawn to Witchcraft after realising that it had nothing to do with Satanism (you have to be Christian to even believe Satan exists). The Witchcraft I discovered was nature-worshipping, recognised a Goddess as well as a God and encouraged the exploration of magick through ritual and spell casting - far more interesting and rewarding than my enforced spiritual upbringing!
When I was 21, after a couple of years of being a 'book-witch' that is, reading about it but not doing much else, I created and undertook a ritual that was a formal declaration to myself and the Universe that I identified with being a witch and would seriously explore the Path. I have been practising now for fifteen years.
What is the most common question you are asked?
After "can you make people fall in love with you?" it's, "can you make someone fall in love with me?" The answer to both questions is pretty much no, because it's not an effective way to approach bringing more love into your life and it breaks the, 'Do what you will but do not interfere with another's free will' law of witchcraft. You can do spells to make yourself more loveable, but not exert that on specific people. They always backfire..
Has anything scary ever happened to you?
Strange shit has happened but I don't find anything scary. Lights going on and off, sensing cold, dark presences, bizarre sequences of events all speak to me of what an extraordinary universe this is! Witches honor the cycles of death, destruction and decay as much as the cycles of birth, growth and renewal.
What reactions have you encountered
when you tell people you are a witch?
I would never go up to someone and announce that I am a witch. Of course having written books about it, I speak openly when discussing those and I answer questions honestly. But in having said that I don't go around advertising my Craft. People who know little about the Craft are usually surprised that I look so little like the archetypal witch, you know, gothic, hippy or crone! I look relatively ordinary, except maybe for the piercing and tattoos but they're pretty commonplace now! People are also surprised that I am very down to earth and practical. They expect a witch to be more 'out there'.
Have you noticed a difference in attitudes and reactions to witchcraft in the different countries you have visited?
I think the mainstream white Western world is fascinated with Witchcraft right now to a large degree because of TV shows like Buffy, Charmed and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. However, I have discovered that there is a genuine interest which goes beyond a fad or novelty.
How did you become involved with Playboy?
I was approached by Australian Playboy to do a shoot after my band (Def FX) broke up three years ago. We were very popular in Australia thus Playboy contacted me. I agreed on the provision that I could create, direct, control and own the photos. I put an all-women team together to shoot it and wrote the text to accompany it.
I celebrated the life of an Australian artist who lived in the notorious area of Sydney's Kings Cross in the 50's and 60's. Her name was Rosaleen Norton and she was known as the Witch of King's Cross. She embraced Paganism at a time when it was extremely oppressed and feared. Her paintings are extraordinary. She was a trance medium and the images are dark, occult and brilliant. For the shoot I recreated scenes from her life that were written about in a book called 'Pan's Daughter' by famous Australian Occult historian, Neville Drury.
I went to a small coffee shop that Rosaleen used to frequent. She would model nude for art students in a small studio upstairs and then wander downstairs, still naked, for a cup of coffee. So for one shot I sat in that same coffee shop naked and drank coffee. In another I cavort with a 12 foot python. Rosaleen related to serpents as a symbol of feminine power and painted them accordingly. All the photos are on my website
What is the weirdest/funniest etc thing people have asked you to do?
Wiggle my nose!!!
What are your views on vampires?
In the Australian version of my first book (that has been edited into my UK release WITCH: A Magickal Journey) I interview Setians. These are people who worship a pre Christian concept of 'Satan', the Egyptian God, Set. (A couple of attributes include being one answerable to no one and a seeker of knowledge).
One of the Setians I interviewed works vampyric magick - she relates to vampires as creatures that can bridge the realm of metaphysical and physical (that is they are able to transform themselves from human to animal consciousness which is essentially shamanism). She invokes them in ritual and feels she communes with actual self-aware consciousnesses. If you're interested in finding out more check out the Temple of Set's Website. Personally I find vampires, exotic, sexy and inspiring creatures but I perceive them as myth.
Do you see any connections between witches and vampires?
Witches and vampires are subject to distortion and misrepresentation by the media but they differ in that Witches are not supernatural. However witchcraft is quite shamanic and in some ways there are some comparisons that can be drawn. Personally I don't put witches and vampires in the same coffin or cauldron!
What would be your response to someone who wants to take revenge on an ex partner?
Don't waste your time. They're not worth it. You are still giving them power over you if you attempt to hex them.
What are your views on hexes?
I discuss hexing at length in the 'Bitchcraft' chapter of my book. As I say above they're usually not worth it - inevitably they backfire in some way and binding spells are a far more effective way to stop someone from hurting or harming. There is the potential that you are interfering with the bound one's free will - they might like doing what you are attempting to stop them from doing - but generally binding spells have better results than outright hexes.
What films on witchcraft are true to you?
The Wicker Man is a good one. I didn't like The Craft - it put too much emphasis on one of the most powerful things you could do is to make yourself beautiful so men will fall in love with you.
I love anything with Christopher Lee in it. One of my earliest memories of going to the drive in theatre when I was a teenager was seeing a Christopher Lee horror film in which anytime he stared at someone they would start bleeding from their eyeballs. Cool! (Don't know the name of the film though - wish I did - can anyone help?)
Article taken from Bite me issue 4
Words: Arlene Russo
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