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Enter the Chat Crypt
The Bite me Chat Crypt is a public discussion forum. We encourage freedom of speech and information, but we also need our users to follow a few simple rules.
No flaming or trolling. Personal attacks or posting messages that provoke a negative response are not tolerated. No spamming: Blatant commercial spamming or advertising is unwelcome, or users posting nonsense in order to gain a higher post count. This site DOES NOT permit any discussion of blood drinking practices or soliciting for donors.

Link exchange is a directory! ONE thread and ONE post for your site is allowed Then the thread is LOCKED. PM forum mods with your site. Only threads asking for advice will be left UNLOCKED for members to respond to.

If you want to say well done to the thread starter for creating a super duper page, you can always pm the member.
If you want to update your link (and I would suggest we only allow this if the URL has changed) you'll have to message the forum  moderators.

Members who don't follow the rules will be giving a warning or banned.

Play nice.
The Chat Crypt Moderation Team.

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