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A visit to the world's biggest Dracula party,
sparked the idea for Bite me magazine.
The setting:Los Angeles
The date:August 1997
The celebration: The centenary of Bram Stoker's immortal novel Dracula
Over 1000 vampire fans from the US, Brazil, Spain, Romania and Russia united with one solitary Scottish vampire magazine Editor in the making for the most fang-tastic event of the century.
The Editor mingled with Hammer Horror legend Ingrid 'Countess Dracula' Pitt, Scream Queens including Elvira, the son of Bela Lugosi, the first man to ever spend a night alone in the real Castle Dracula in Romania. Oh, and a psychic vampire or two...
Alas, the party had to end. Four days later, the Editor was back in the vampire-barren territory of Central Scotland, but this time she was on a mission. The 'calling' came to produce a publication that would unite Dracula fans from all around the world.
Creating A Monster
Luckily, Scotland provided the ideal backdrop for the task- a wealth of ancient castles and a haunted heritage of ghosts and headless monks, and well, the land did inspire a certain Bram after all...
From an initial plan to produce a small photocopied fanzine, 'Project Vampire' kept growing fangs until the Editor decided she wanted glossy pages, shiny colour ones, some more gloss...
Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and still it seemed that 'Project Vampire' was to be destined for another lifetime. But then, one day, it happened. She awoke, along with the rest of the country and screamed...

Bite me - Launch Issue

Bite me - Issue 7
It's Alive
Bite me was launched in July 1999 at the Glasgow Film Theatre, with a special screening of cult vampire film Blade. Hundreds of people turned up in vamp gear, causing a media frenzy: Scottish Television news covered the event for their lunchtime and evening news bulletins; the launch was also covered by BBC Radio Scotland and gained extensive press coverage, including reports in The Sunday Times, Sunday Herald, The List and The Herald.
Unhappy Ever After
Bite me has many spook-tacular plans for the future. Keep checking back here.
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