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Ingrid Pitt
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Ingrid Pitt
Famous for her starring roles in Hammer Horror classics such as The Vampire Lovers and Countess Dracula, Ingrid Pitt is an international cult icon.
The Polish born actress reigned as leading lady vampire in the 70's, famous for her glamorous looks and nude scenes. Here she reveals some memoirs of her fascinating career.
Ingrid Pitt is a woman who knows all about making the right impression. Her first encounter with Hammer Studios director, Jimmy Carreras is proof of that.
Whilst at a dinner party in London the aspiring actress met Carreras, the man who would transform her into a horror icon.
"I happened to be seated next to Carreras and I just blew in his ear and he said: 'see me at 10 o'clock in the morning.' So the next day I stuck my blonde hair under my floppy hat. I had this little mini dress on and a massive maxi coat and boots. I braved the wind and stomped in the snow. I opened the double door to his office and said: 'I'm here!, I'm here!' I took my hat off and my hair tumbled to my shoulders. I ripped off my coat and let it fall on the floor. He was stunned and wondered 'My God, what is that?'
"He smiled and asked me to sit beside him. I sat on his desk instead. I thought I'd make a better impression on the edge of his desk. I'd seen it in movies and thought that's the way to do it."
Carreras was so impressed he offered Ingrid three film roles on the spot.
Pitt grew up in East Berlin and escaped to the West as a young woman to become a model and actress. She began her movie career in Spain during the sixties with The Sound of Horror, a 'Jurassic Park' with invisible dinosaurs.
Ingrid recalled filming the cult horror 'The Wicker Man' in Scotland in 1972, where Edward Woodward is buried alive by pagan worshippers. "It was supposed to be springtime but the shooting actually began in October when it was freezing. Poor Edward Woodward had to saunter across Scottish hills wearing only a nightgown type of shroud. I was sitting with a long frock on and I had to tell him to come and stick his ice cold feet under my skirt to warm them. After a while I screamed at him. 'My thigh is getting frozen!' It doesn't matter with you because you are going to burn in a minute!"
Ingrid also starred as the blood-thirsty 'Countess Dracula', portraying the real-life noblewoman who killed over 300 women and bathes in the blood of virgins, believing it would restore her youth.
"At my age, not too many parts come flying along. They don't write a lot of stuff for women in the first place but older women are overlooked a lot. I became a writer because I don't want to crawl along casting couches at my time of life. Unless I own the couches!"
Article taken from Bite me Launch Issue
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