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Bite me Magazine is delves into the dark side of the internet and introduces you to some fascinating and truly wicked (in the good sense of course) websites. Enjoy!
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Alt Vampires
Alt vampires is so packed full of vampire information and fun it will keep you busy till the sun comes up…
The Vampire’s Vault
An information-packed site with lectures, articles, trivia and all manner of juicy blood-drenched titbits.
Vampire Realm of Darkness
This is a huge vampire site. Tons to explore, read, see and do – plus an exclusive member’s area.
Dracula Forum
Dracula, it all started with him and this site explores the Man, the Myth, the Legend…and everything in between.
Vampire Junction
Vampire Junction is home to a plethora of short stories and vampire related art and photographs.
Fanglady’s Vampyre Castle
Fanglady’s Vampyre Castle – a nice and personal vampire page with plenty of vampire related articles, images, links etc.
If you always wanted to be a werewolf then you need to take a trip to the Wolfhome chat server. It’s an avatar based chat environment and on entering you are given a wolf/werewolf character that can be animated into a variety of poses.
An information-packed site with lectures, articles, trivia and all manner of juicy blood-drenched titbits.
Werewolf Legends from Germany
This is a great if slightly academic site that details legends/encounters with werewolves from Germany. Each story can be read in full online, so it is a ‘must save’ link for any werewolf fan.
This personal page is field with really good werewolf information, from werewolf time lines and descriptions to causes of lycanthropy.
This site features articles, forums, the chance to register your own ‘Were card’ and a great section of jokes and humour. The politically correct version of Little Red Riding hood is worth the visit alone.
The Book of Werewolves
The complete text of the Rev Sabine Baring-Gould’s Book of Were-wolves.
Owners Guide to Werewolves
Remember a werewolf is for eternity not just for the yuletide pagan festival.
Slashgoth is a truly recommended resource. News, articles, forums, links…you could suffer a case of posting addiction here.
Gothic Martha Stewart
Up for a bit of changing tombs? Then let the alternative side of America’s decorating queen Gothic Martha Stewart show you how.
Doom it Yourself
DIY…do it yourself right? Nope…with Aunty Bats page it’s Doom It Yourself! Aunty Bat will show you all you need to know to add that perfect spooky look.
Gawth Pallor
If you want just the right shade of cemetery white skin…this is the site to advise you on how to get it.
Sunlight & Shadow
This site exposes the truths and myths of the gothic sub-culture as well as its history and resources.
Goth House
Want tips on how to decorate your gothic home? See the results of a gothic makeover at this site.
Name that Goth!
Want to give your pet, child, plant, tamagothi a suitable name? This site of gothic names will help then.
The Death
If you are drawn to the allure of the Victorian cemeteries of the world, and would like to find out more about them, visit this site. Those involved have taken time and effort to care for and protect the beautiful cemetery, and if you take a look at the pictures you will see why.
Coffin It Up
Coffins, coffins and more coffins... cool!
This is the homepage for The Institute for Plastination, developed by Dr Gunther von Hagens and made famous by the Body Worlds tour.
Last Words
Read famous last words of people, characters, tomb inscriptions and epitaphs.
The Adams Residence
This great site not only has a selection of famous last words, but a gallery of amazing cemetery photos as well.
City of Shadows
Fancy a gothic tour of Victorian London? This site reveals all from murders to ghosts, bringing the dark side of London to life.
British Horror Films
Want to know about British Horror films past and present? This is a definitive resource packed with info and chuckle inducing one-liner film descriptions.
Christopher Lee Official Website
Run by his son, Christopher Lee's official site will give you all the information you need about this most versatile of stars including past and present projects, books and even his singing career.
Urban Chillers
Free horror films for you to watch online? It can’t be real, can it? Yes it can with Urban Chillers. The site is full of short, sharp and downright nasty horrors all available to view and comment on.
The Crazy MakeUp World of Davy Jones
Part of the art of films and TV are the special effects and this site will show you the work of one of those professional gore makers. Great stuff and includes pictures of the Blade II Production.
Vampyres Online
A huge resource of all manner of vampire films old and new, good and bad…if you are looking to impress your chosen vampire maiden with a well chosen movie, or need to add some new blood to your DVD shelves you must stop in here.
Student Filmmakers
See the newest talent in film before it hits the big time. Student Filmmakers showcases some amazing short films, including some great little shockers.
Horror Avenue
Need to find some fresh meat... want to see what horrors are available? Horror Avenue is a huge online Horror Movie resource: actors, monsters, films (past, present and future) are all there.
One of the very best resources on the web for full on copies of horror film scripts…read the script or act it out yourself.
Foiled Productions
The creators of some truly brilliant Low Budget No Budget films including The Jedi who Loved Me, Dr Hall and Fluffy the English Vampire Slayer.
Really Scary
This is a huge online resource bringing you everything new in the world of horror from films and games to TV and music.
Brit Films
Be proud of the British film industry... ...after all it gave us Aliens, Dracula and Shaun of the Dead. Find out what’s going on at this site.
Ingrid Pitt
Homepage of the devilishly lovely Hammer Horror actress Ingrid Pitt
Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust Official Site
Animation doesn't get any better than this
Ghosts and Legends of the Queen Mary
Visit this site to find out all about this horribly haunted old ocean liner, then head on over to the web cam, located in the old swimming pool, where, if you have broadband, you’ll get almost real time ghost watching.
The Leprechaun Watch
If you don’t fancy being on the look out for ghosts, why not try the Ireland’s Eye Leprechaun Watch web cam. Located in a site of prime fairy activity…who knows what you’ll see.
A web cam onboard the Lexington, a former aircraft carrier now a museum that is haunted by the ghost of a young Navy man.
Courier Press
Conduct your own virtual ghost hunt in the Willard Library with the help of three separate web cams
Oklahoma City Ghost Club Home Page!
Web cams in a super spooky abandoned hospital. When I visited only two were working, but the live audio broadcast facility made up for that.
Paranormal X
A general site about ghosts and hauntings including guides to haunted pubs, hotels and stately homes and castles, plus an alphabetical list of other hauntings in the UK.
Mysterious Britain
Be baffled by the sheer amount of paranormal and spooky information contained within this internet gazetteer. You’ll be practically guaranteed to find something spooky in your locale.
Haunted Theatres
Theatres are places of intense emotion, so it is no wonder that a lot of them are haunted. This page lists those that have a ghostly resident as well as giving details of the haunting.
Psychic World
If you need to discover if cats have psychic powers or who is Hecate then this supernatural A to Z will inform you.
Superstitions and Magic Trivia
If you think you know all about the supernatural, superstitions, legends and the like, then test your knowledge with these fiendish quizzes.
Ghost Study
This is huge site with plenty of resources as well as a huge selection of ‘ghostly’ pictures. They are worth taking a look at to play spot the fake, but a few will give you genuine chills.
Angels and Ghosts
This is a great personal site set up buy the owner of a haunted house. It’s not a scary castle or rickety hundred year old creation, it is a standard pleasant looking house that’s under 60 years old. Listen to the EVP voice recordings that have been captured on the site, as well as strange phenomena recorded at other haunted sites.
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