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When Dreams Come True - Erotica

When Dreams Come True

Written by LiaCarla

It was a hot summers night and the heat was stiffling. The crickets were singing their chirpy chorus as the sun was setting. Lord Nightshade had decided to take a cool shower to cool the heat of his hot body. As his soapy hands roamed all over his body, he had the strange sensation that he was being watched. He turned around but all he could see was the steam from the shower enveloping the bathroom like a thick mist.

He sighed as he turned the shower off and stepped out on to the tiled floor. He couldn't shake the visions of a mysterious lady from his mind as he began to towel himself dry. How he longed for her to visit him in the dark of the night. He was so besotted with this woman whom he didn't know much about.

A couple of weeks ago, he had been surfing the Internet in his usual manner when he came across a dark website. 'The Lair of SheBitch' was the title and he felt at home instantly when he found the site to be about vampires. Vampires were and still are his favourite creature. How many times he'd wished he could be one, the thought of living for eternity, feeding off mortals weakness's, controlling women in to doing whatever he pleased. Yes, this was a fantasy of his, so you can imagine what it was like for him when he emailed LiaCarla for the first time. She responded to his email and granted him membership within her lair.

LiaCarla inspired Nightshade to write poetry, even erotica. He wanted her badly. He imagined the feel of her long dark hair brushing his chest lightly as she hovered above him, kissing him tenderly on his lips. He could feel her bosom upon his chest as he reached up to grab her breasts, gently pulling on her nipples.

His thoughts were suddenly interrupted with a loud ringing of the telephone. He quickly wrapped the towel around his hips, but this couldn't hide his erect manhood. He smiled and rushed to answer the phone, only to find that it stopped ringing as he was just about to pick it up.

The day had been long and hard and Nightshade made a cool drink and took it to his bedroom. The cool air from the open french windows felt so nice on his naked body as he read a book for a while before slowly drifting off into a deep sleep.

His Mistress entered his bedroom and stood near the french windows gazing down on his handsome body. The moonlight caught every curve of her curvaceous body as she ran her fingers through her long dark hair. She quietly made her way towards him and knelt down and brushed her fingers against his cool cheek. She smiled as he stirred in his sleep responding to her gentle touch. She lightly knealt beside him on the bed and brushed her hand over his chest, brushing her fingertips over his dark erect nipples. She continued down his stomach and marvelled at the effect she had on him as she reached his erect penis.

She smiled and licked her lips as she bent forward and ran her tongue lightly around his bell end. She liked the smooth feel of it as she swirled her tongue across it and all around it. She saw the first sparkle of precum as he quietly moaned with pleasure. She licked it up and relished the taste of what was to come.

She slowly began to take all of his cock into her wet mouth, slowly easing down on his huge manhood until she reached the base. She slowly lifted her head, licking the underside of his shaft as she did so and went down again. She ran her fingers over his hard balls as Nightshade responded by lifting his hips to meet her coming down on him again and again. She traced her long fingernails over his sack which had him moaning aloud now before she lightly pressed her forefinger against his anus.

While she sucked on his cock, she wet her forefinger before gently sliding it in deep into his hot hole. Her other hand gently cupping his balls while she licked him all over his cock. She could tell that her touch would soon have him spurting his hot cum all into her mouth, but she held off and looked gazingly into his face.

'Oh Lia, how I've longed for this moment', he said barely loudler than a whisper.

'Come with me my darling', she held out her hand for him and bekoned him to rise.

He followed her to the bathroom where she pulled him into the shower with her and turned the water on. The water gave a short shock of cold to their bodies before heating up. Nightshade marvelled at her erect nipples while she looked down on him. She offered him the soap and he lathered it up into a foam and began to wash her.

He ran his soapy hands over her breasts, pressing her nipples against the palm of his hand each time he glided them over. She moaned out as he leaned forward and took her left nipple slowly into his mouth. He licked the rough skin and turned himself on as he felt the effect it had on his tongue. He sucked it harder and pulled on it with his mouth before releasing it and nearly slamming her into the tiled wall while he thrust his tongue deep into her responding mouth.

He felt her legs wrap around his waist while he pressed her upper body to the wall with the weight of his. He marvelled at the feel of her breasts smashed against his chest, while he moved both hands to her buttocks. With his left, he probed her creamy opening with his finger tips. He could feel her juices mingling with the running water as he smeared them over her exposed clit.

He knelt down and kissed her inner thigh, gradually getting higher and higher until he reached her pink flesh. He prised her lips apart and he liked what he saw. He pulled the hood of her clit upwards, exposing her shiny hard clit. He kissed it softly before running his tongue lightly over it. He swirled his tongue across it and listened to her breathing grow quicker and her slowly whimpering. Each time he swirled his tongue, harder onto her clit, her whimpers grew louder. He slid two of his fingers deep into her wet hole while sucking on her now tender clit. She screamed and pushed herself onto him rubbing her juices all over his face.

He suddenly felt his hair almost being pulled out as she pulled his head up to meet her lips. He thrust his cock deep into her, again and again, harder and harder. She responded to his thrust with a tightening grip around his cock. His whole body was alive now, each touch of her fingers upon him, lighted the nerve ends in his body. He thrust, harder and harder until he began exploding deep inside her. Each shudder of his orgasm sent Lia crashing into the wall, impaling herself deeper and deeper onto him as she screamed with the pulses of her orgasm. At the height of their orgasms, Nightshade felt the sharp sweet sting upon his neck, growing ever more intense, with each flow of pleasure that cruised through his body, slowly fading to sheer ecstasy.

He suddenly bolted upright within his bed. He was gasping for air as he tried to focus his vision on the dark objects of the bedroom. The moonlight slowly began to light various bits of furniture up as his night vision adjusted. The bed beside him was empty. He sat there for a short while thinking about what just happened. He was too tired to think clearly. He called out for Lia but no answer came.

He lay back down with a smile upon his face and slowly began to drift back off again, hoping he could carry on where they had left off.

Morning came, bright and cheerful. The birds were singing their merry chorus to one another as Nightshade rubbed his eyes. He lay there thinking about his dream with LiaCarla, how erotic it had been, and how real it had felt. He climbed out of the bed with a little feeling of disappointment. He guessed, that it would never happen for real as vampires don't really exist and that he would never meet the vampress Lia in reality.

'But if I can't have her, at least I have her in my dreams'... he smiled thinking that sex couldn't get any better than his dreams, and he couldn't wait for the next one.

In the bathroom he looked at the shower. It didn't look any different from when he had last seen in. He turned around and bent down as he splashed the cold water over his face, freshning his tired eyes. He looked at his sparkling eyes within the mirror and suddenly, stepped back, gasping as though he'd been hit full force by a basketball in his stomach. He looked again and slowly traced his finger over the two small puncture wounds upon his neck.

Nightshade, pale and in shock at the thought of his dreams becoming reality, made his way back to bed and slowly drifted off again into a deep sleep.