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OFF Site Roleplay Game (Star-Trek)

Hey all. I don't know if y'all know, but I run a Startrek PBeM game.

I'm always looking for good writers to come play. I'll give you a little rundown of the story, and if you're interested, please feel free to sign up.

The galaxy had finally opened. Three great civilisations now knew peace with each other that had reigned for almost 9 years.

In 2389 however, that all changed. The Klingons launched a brutal attack on the Romulan Empire, and in that first attack, a third of the Romulan fleet were decimated in what became known as the Battle of Verash’Nek. The beleaguered Romulans called out for aide, and the Federation answered the call, plunging the galaxy into war. With the Federations help, the Romulans were able to push the Klingon fleet back, and turn the tide of the war in their favour.

All was not how it seemed however. Unknown to the Federation, the war had been engineered by a group of Romulan separatists, whose machinations had placed the Klingon High Chancellor, Kre'tash, well and truly in their pocket.

In 2390, Ambassador Worf, with the armies of several noble Klingon houses at his back, staged a military coup, resulting in the death of Kre'tash and the elevation of Worf to the role of High Chancellor of the Klingon Empire. Now in a position of power, Worf was able to uncover the truth he had suspected for the last year, and reveal the Romulan treachery to the Federation.

In an unprecedented move, the Federation switched sides, and turned upon their former allies, helping the Klingons to drive the Romulans back into their own territory.

By mid 2391, it was clear to the Romulans that they were not going to win the war, and they brokered a truce, which led to the reinstallation of the Neutral zone. The peace that the galaxy had come to know was over.

The year is now 2392, eight months after the war.

Captain Taylan Keeva, a veteran of the war who lost his ship in the final battle, has been given the task of commanding another starship, the USS Echo, an Akira Class vessel. She has just undergone her 20 year major refit, and is now set to leave Utopia Planetia. The ship is drastically short staffed, with several key positions being temporarily filled by lower ranking crew members. On completion of her first mission, the Echo is set to dock at the starbase, Deep Space Six, to take on the rest of her crew.

When an unexpected visitor pays the Echo a call however, Captain Taylan Keeva and his valiant, if inexperienced crew, will be flung into a challenge none of them could have ever imagined..

"Frustration is understandable.
Anger is unacceptable."